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LANXESS expands Lewatit range

New Lewatit ion exchange resins and adsorbers for separation, purification, and chromatography of biomolecules

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Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has grouped together 16 new ion exchange resins and absorbents for the pharma and bioprocessing industries under its umbrella brand Lewatit. They are used in various pharma and bioprocessing applications to separate and purify biomolecules. Applications of these end products range from food and animal feeds to active pharma ingredients (APIs) that are used in medicinal products.

Typically, our products support the separation of biomolecules from complex biomass mixtures and play a key role in their further purification or stabilisation. As one of the leading manufacturers of ion exchange resins, we are hoping that this innovative product range will attract new customers from the pharma and bioprocessing industries and further strengthen our market position,” explained Dr Jenny Boettger, Technical Marketing Manager in the Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit at LANXESS.

A company release informed that the production of biomolecules derived from natural extracts and biological fermentation processes is supported by Lewatit ion exchange and adsorber resins. This resin technology opens up a variety of separation and purification options for all kinds of operation scales. The new types are specifically designed to be used in downstream processing for production of various biomolecules, including products from animal-and plant-sourced natural extracts. All resins are based on hydrophobic (polystyrene-divinylbenzene) or medium hydrophilic (polyacrylic) polymers. They were developed to meet the demands in industries such as biotech, pharma, biopharma nutraceuticals, and food production.

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