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KORSCH AND MEDELPHARM partner to introduce R&D equipment portfolio

New R&D-stage lineup addresses challenges from early-stage powder characterisation and formulation development to scale-up and production support

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KORSCH AG, a tablet press technology provider, offering solutions for product development, scale-up, high-speed production, multi-layer, mini-tablet, and WIP/high containment applications, has announced a strategic partnership with MEDELPHARM, developer of compaction simulator technology, to introduce a new portfolio of equipment geared to R&D-stage production. The collaboration includes a joint microsite dedicated to the new R&D lineup:

Leveraging the companies’ combined experience with small-scale, fully instrumented machines, the R&D product portfolio seeks to address and overcome longstanding challenges, from early-stage powder characterisation and formulation development to scaleup and production support. The combined KORSCH-MEDELPHARM R&D product equipment lineup includes:

  • XP 1: Robust single-punch tablet press with small-batch capabilities
  • STYL’One Nano: Benchtop compaction simulator with integrated analytical software, for single-layer formulation development
  • STYL’One Evo: Advanced compaction simulator with integrated analytical software and multi-layer capability, allowing R&D at production speed
  • XL 100: Small-scale rotary press for product development and clinical batch production

“Covering the full spectrum of tableting technology from single-layer to five-layer as well as core coating capabilities, the new R&D product equipment portfolio serves as a versatile complement to KORSCH’s multi-layer production machinery. Notably, the STYL’One Evo o