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Height resolution nano and micron particle characterisation – Pharma development to production

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Ramanuj Samal from Beckman Coulter started off by giving an overview about his company and its solutions to drive partner progress in the life sciences sector. Then, he gave a technical presentation on ‘Height Resolution Nano & Micron Particle Characterization – Pharmaceutical Development to Production’. As part of his session, he spoke on Beckman Coulter’s TOC Analysers and their capabilities. He informed that these analysers can drive better efficiencies and went on to explain their various applications in the formulation development process. He elaborated on the technologies utilised by Beckman Coulter to usher better effectiveness.

The latter part of the presentation was given Kalpesh Patel from Beckman Coulter. He spoke on Advanced Application of Centrifugation in Formulation Development. He gave a rundown on how Beckman Coulter also supports development of NDDS. For instance, liposomes are often part of several novel drug delivery systems and purification of liposomal based products is often a challenge. He informed that with solutions from Beckman Coulter such as analytical ultracetrifuge, these processes become easier and more accurate. He also spoke on solutions to characterise peptides and other complex procedures.

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