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Gangwal Chemicals organises second technical seminar of ACE in Hyderabad

Experts discuss on product-specific requirements, upcoming trends, opportunities and requirements of the pharma industry

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After the success of the first edition of ACE (Agenda, Convention and Entertainment) Chapter in Ahmedabad, Gangwal Chemicals recently organised its second technical seminar in Hyderabad to discuss the specific product requirements, upcoming trends, opportunities and requirements of the pharma industry. The day-long event registered full-house participation from different departments of the pharma industry like R&D head, formulation, purchase and decision-makers.

The inaugural ceremony begun on an auspicious note as key representatives of Gangwal Chemicals came together and lit the lamp. Anju Thakkar, Director, Gangwal Chemicals delivered the welcome address. In her address, she gave an overview of the company and highlighted the objective of the ACE platform. The platform was ideal to have a meaningful interaction with the existing and new customers and understand the industry as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

A brief welcome address was followed by a corporate audiovisual (AV) presentation of Gangwal Chemicals and its offering to the pharma companies in India. The presentation showcased the company’s vision, business objectives, key achievements, marketing strategies, etc., which set the context for the technical seminar. This was followed by another corporate video of Gangwal Laboratory Analytical Services (GLAS), a group company of Gangwal Chemicals where the audience was updated about the solutions which it offers.

Umar Khan, Executive Business Development – Export, Gangwal Chemicals, optimised the given opportunity and explained in detail about the company’s core business functionality. His presentation gave an overview of Gangwal Chemicals and also highlighted key milestones of the company since its day of inception. He also informed the audience about the company’s diversified business portfolio and gave an overview of the group companies; SA Pharmachem, GLAS and Solitaire Healthcare.

While sharing a detailed note about the company’s different manufacturing facilities across India, he also touched upon the cumulative manpower strength in key cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc. and further plans to scale it up. During the presentation, he shared the company’s vision and pointed out its expertise in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), excipient and manufacturing capabilities. He also apprised about Gangwal Foundation and the key initiatives for the betterment of the society.

Khan also mentioned the company’s offering on the boutique range of products, which are sophisticated, innovative and niche excipient. The products, according to him, require strong technical knowledge and experience suitable for all types of drug delivery system such as oral, solid, trans-dermal patches etc.

Following Khan’s presentation, Dharmesh Mehta, Executive Business Development, Gangwal Chemicals, talked about the challenges in oral solid dosage forms. His presentation touched upon the benefits of the product ‘DiCOM – DC’, a ready-to-use co-processed direct compression excipient. Revealing more about the product, he said that it is a tailor-made excipient and helps pharma companies reduce inventories and complies with the regulatory requirements. He also talked about the product’s dissolution pattern along with a release mechanism of drug delivery.

Suyesh Kale, Manager – Technical Business Development, Gangwal Chemicals, was the next speaker. Kale discussed the solubility enhancement using Hydroxypropyl Cellulose via HME. While sharing a detailed note on Hydroxypropyl Cellulose requirements in the formulation process, he mentioned about the company’s NISSO Grade for HPE HPC product, having a shelf-life of five years which is crucial for the pharma industry.

He also pointed out that the product has solubility permeability and absorption technology-enabled features. During the presentation, he touched upon amorphous solid dispersion and its relevance in drug formulation and role being played by the platform to dissolve APIs. Explaining the difference between HPC and HPMC, he elaborated on NISSO HPC viscosity and concluded with a case study presentation on the same topic.

On behalf of Fuji Chemicals, a Principal company of Gangwal Chemicals in India, Amit Bhanushali, Manager Business Development, Gangwal Chemicals, made a presentation on unique Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (DCPA). Highlighting the superiority of Fuji Chemicals’ product range, he informed about the offerings for the Indian pharma market. He elaborated on Fujicalin, a unique patented form of DCPA, which is designed to function as a direct compression excipient and has exceptional flow and compression characteristics. He also informed that it is spherically granulated, which has lower mean particle size and extremely high-specific surface area when compared to other available DCPA and Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate (DCPD).

Bhanushali pointed out that low compression force can deliver high-quality tablets with an oil load of 10 to 15 per cent. He also mentioned that its oily actives pose problems while converting to powders or tablets for oral dosage forms and has a smooth surface than other available products in the US, the EU and Japan.

Dr Abhijeet Pandey, Postdoc Fellow, Directorate of health science, Manipal University, India/ Medical University of Graz, Austria, talked about the pullulan-based thermoresponsive polymeric spray for wound healing. In his talk, he highlighted the importance of pullulan in cosmetics as well as in pharma products and mentioned that it is approved in Japan and also allowed for food ingredients and additives.

Significantly, he also touched upon the benefits using pullulan and how it encourages the cell to grow faster and helps to heal wounds without scars. He also talked about how pullulan- based thermoresponsive polymeric spray can help patients suffering from wounds located in and around the elbow, knee bend area, where the proper dressing is different and with the help of such solutions it can become an optimum choice for physicians to play a major role in the treatment process. While signing off, he informed that his institute has initiated commercial talks with several pharma companies and already working with Themis Medicare.

On behalf of Sandeep Gupta, Chairman – Standard Review Group (SRG); FSSAI, Director -Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council ( ENAC), Mayur Gudhka, Sr. Manager – Business Development for Nutraceutical division Gangwal Chemicals presented on Nutraceutical- A new leap for the healthcare sector. And in his presentation, he highlighted the benefits of nutraceutical products in rapid changing lifestyle.

The second last speaker of the day, Amey Desai, IME Zone Manager- Pharma and Nutrition, Air Liquide, gave a presentation on the company’s innovation TTFCA (Total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica), a generic designation, which includes TECA. TECA is an active ingredient dedicated to restoring skin integrity. Explaining about Teca, he said that it is an extract of Centella asiatica and since 1978 it is available in the form of powder.

Explaining the benefits of TECA in the process of wound healing, he mentioned that it soothes the skin as well as helps to bring an ECM protection. It is also used for chronic venous insufficiency stages associated with symptoms which include aches, pain, tightness skin irritation, heaviness muscle cramps. Globally, the number of diabetic patients is increasing significantly and experts are trying to offer the best treatment methods. He also talked about the benefits of TECA in diabetes care management.

Following Desai, Lavleen Kumar Gupta, Director, IgY Immunologix India, highlighted that his company has opted for TECA solution and is available in the gel-based form. And it has conducted clinical trials as well. Commenting on the outcome of the clinical trial, Gupta informed on the positive outcome of the trial and are happy to work on the indication.

Desai briefly mentioned that TECA has been tested in two perspectives, placebo-controlled randomised studies involving patients with diabetic microangiopathy. Based on these trials, the properties have been designed for oral administration of 120 mg daily.

Dr Akash Chaurasiya, Prof BITS Pilani – Hyderabad, the last speaker of the day, delivered a talk on complex injectable product development — key challenges and opportunities. His presentation focussed on different regulatory requirements and possible opportunities which exists in developing complex injectable. Highlighting the complexities, he mentioned that complex drug products are critical to the care of many serious medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, metastatic breast cancer, Osteoporosis COPD and diabetes mellitus. Stressing on the challenges, he said that there are multiple issues like complex formulations, multi-step manufacturing process complicated multi-phase in-vitro drug release profiles and in-vivo studies.

The event concluded on a high note with industry experts discussing the process development to varied complexities and opportunities in the industry. Dr Vijay Sharma, Senior Manager—Business Development, Gangwal Chemicals, too highlighted the company’s objective and thanked each speaker as well as delegates for participating in the second chapter of ACE. In his speech, he mentioned that the company has noted the expectations and understands varied issues of the pharma industry and will work in tandem with the industry and will eventually excel in delivering the solutions.

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