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Current advances in pharma analytical development: Trends and technologies

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As India Pharma Inc strives to transform into a more value-led and innovation-driven industry and accelerate its next phase of its growth, it has to invest and build capabilities which will enable the development of innovative and differentiated pharma products across a range of indications. This, in turn, also necessitates development of strategic analytical capabilities to leverage scientific expertise and meet the needs of evolving regulatory environments across the globe.

Therefore the topic for the first panel discussion at ADL Conclave 2022 was ‘Current advances in pharma analytical development: Trends and technologies.’ Moderated by Viveka Roychowdhury, Editor, Express Pharma and Express Healthcare, the panel for this discussion comprised Dr BM Rao, Head – EMQA, ASAT & CQC, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories; Dr PK Agarwal, Head: Analytical – Research & Technology, Hikal; Dr Veena Shetty, Technical Director – Analytical Development, Reliance Pharmaceuticals; and Dr Vijaya Bharathi, VP & Head, Analytical Solutions, Aragen Life Sciences.

In this panel discussion, steered by the moderator, our expert panel examined current trends in this field, explored proactive approaches for better results and shared insights on the potential of emerging technologies and solutions to transform this sphere.

The panelists spoke on the evolution of this segment with the advances in technology and highlighted how tools like LCMS, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy with imaging etc are ushering better efficiency across processes to improve outcomes in processes such as impurities profiling and extractables and leachables. They also spoke on how the QbD approach is being adopted rapidly in analytical research and development. Citing examples of how manual methods are being replaced by automated tools, they elaborated on how this has helped to improve traceability, reduce errors and assure quality in the sphere of analytical development.

Discussing opportunities and challenges emerging in this sphere and strategies to tackle them, the experts stressed the importance of choosing and implementing the right technologies. They also emphasised how pivotal it is to invest in continuous skilling and training of analytical development professionals to keep pace with technological advancements. Building capabilities in AR&D activities within the company was one of the recommendations offered by the panelists.

Thus it was an insightful session, with several vital takeaways for the audience.

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