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Speaking about the clean label coatings, Sanjay Negi, GM, Ideal Cures, said that the company offers clean label products to various pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical companies. He informed that clean label refers to food products that have fewer ingredients and simpler ingredients at that. It alludes to more than just being honest about what’s in one’s product; it means moving away from highly processed ingredients and toward ingredients from natural sources. Some of the benefits of the clean label products are that these contain natural, familiar, safe and simple ingredients, and the ingredients are easy to recognise, understand and pronounce. Further, there are no synthetic chemicals and these have a good acceptability, he mentioned.

While sharing his presentation with the audience, Negi also spoke about the two products offered by Ideal Cures – INSTANUTE MB-II and INSTACOAT T2F. Regarding the application of INSTANUTE MB-II in a project, he highlighted that it was free from titanium dioxide, talc, iron oxide and carmine, contained no synthetic/artificial colours, and had global acceptability, among other benefits. He also informed that INSTANUTE MB-II is an innovative, ready-to-use product with high solids moisture barrier film coating system, and is available with and without titanium dioxide. It is talc- and preservative-free dry blend of polymer, plasticiser and synthetic or natural colours.

Speaking of INSTACOAT T2F, he said that it is a novel, ready-to-use titanium dioxide and talc-free coating system and is a dry blend of polymers, plasticisers, opacifiers and other excipients. He also shed light on its features and benefits. For instance, it can be formulated with aluminium lakes, iron oxides and natural pigments and can also include flavours and cooling booster. Further, it is easy to scale up and transfer to different equipment types or manufacturing sites. He also said that INSTACOAT T2F coating formulations provide a good alternative to typical coatings containing titanium di oxide for pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals exhibiting good hiding and colouring properties. Ideal Cures is further evaluating few more potential ingredients (polymers and opacifiers) to offer more choices to the customers, he concluded.

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