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An integrated laboratory informatics system for greater efficiency and data integrity

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Lab operation is complex, which means that any analytical lab deals with a variety of instruments. When there are a huge number of instruments, variety of data systems and compliance is important and people procedure and methods is something that comes into picture. This is where lab efficiency triangle comes which means that every business needs speedy opportunity with quality results as well as lower costs. This is something which every lab manager needs to look into. As the lab environment is complex, with this complexity, there come lot of data systems like LIMS, CDS and other multiple instruments that come into picture and there is always a challenge of integrating those systems. They do not talk to each other and this is where the insufficient communication comes into picture, which is one of the major pain points. Further, since these systems work in silos, there is always an incomplete knowledge for whether it is a lab person who is performing the day-to-day task as well as for the lab manager who is responsible for the overall productivity of the lab. With this incomplete knowledge, you have an uneven workload; and, many times, with the traditional systems, there is a lack of visualisation tools, which again contributes to loss in productivity.

The solution for all the challenges is the digital labs and when we talk about the complex environment, there is no turnkey solution, you have to come up with a solution that helps you to improve your productivity and efficiency. How about a system which allows you to reduce all paperwork to all automated calculations? How about connected labs? I have all my data and all the insights of my lab are available at the click of a button. This is something that a digital la