West is committed to bringing more innovative and high-quality injectable solutions and services

Rob Limouze, Director, Product Management, Devices, West Pharmaceutical, shares details about the opportunities and challenges in injectables, West’s focus on injectable prefilled syringe market, NovaGuard SA Pro safety system – a new-age product from West, and more in an exclusive interview with Express Pharma

What are the major opportunities and challenges you foresee in injectables in the next decade, especially in the Indian market? How huge is the growth potential of the injectable prefilled syringe market?

The injectable drug market continues to grow at a steady pace as exemplified by the injectable prefilled syringe market growing at three per cent in volume globally and is currently over 2.3 billion units. The heparin prefilled syringe market makes up approximately 50 per cent of the injectable PFS market by volume, but the biologics drug PFS market is seeing rapid growth around the globe, especially in India. Growing at nine per cent in volume, the Indian biologics PFS market is thriving, making the whole market extremely important in the injectable PFS space.


Tell us about West’s investments in specialised capabilities to be more competitive and capitalise in the evolving market for injectable prefilled syringe market?

West has made significant investments in product development and manufacturing capabilities. Take NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system as an example, West develops the product, driven by innovation and commitment to safety, and continues to innovate to enhance and expand the capability. With an enduring legacy in manufacturing and supporting the pharma market including PFS safety devices, West is committed to bringing more innovative and high-quality injectable solutions and services to ensure the safety, convenience and effectiveness of drug preparation and administration. Our new products will be available soon!


What are the trends and innovations in this space? What are its drivers?

We have noticed that customers are tending to want to secure their supply chain by bringing in a second supplier of PFS safety devices. This has been brought on by global supply chain concerns and shortages across various sectors. West is positioned strongly to support our safety device customers with assembly capabilities in multiple sites.


What are the differentiators that West is bringing into this arena in terms of safer, simpler and smarter devices?

The NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system is a great example of West’s focus on bringing value to our customers. West’s NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system was designed with features that prevent pre-activation of the safety device during handling. Pre-activation is a costly concern for pharma companies and can be extremely concerning for patients if they are unable to receive the delivery of a drug when it is intended. It also has design features that prevent recapping of a syringe with its rigid needle shield, which can help protect healthcare workers and patients from accidental needle stick injuries.


What are the major lessons your organisation learnt from the COVID-19 and its management? How will it impact your future offerings, capabilities development for the life sciences sector?

COVID-19 taught us that we must be able to respond to needs quickly. West has demonstrated its ability to shift resources as necessary to support global customers’ needs. West has also continued its investments in product development and manufacturing throughout the global health crisis and has been a strong partner to pharma manufacturers. West will continue to evaluate and adapt to market needs as they change. 


*NovaGuard® is a registered trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.

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