‘We see the Indian market rapidly transforming itself into a professional environment’

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Jan Clement, Area Sales Manager, MediSeal, in discussion with Sachin Jagdale, explains the company’s future plans for the Indian market

What is digital servo drive technology and what are its applications?
Digital Servo applications can be seen as next generation of servo controls/drives. They are more dynamic and also more accurate; which are required to drive and control today’s high precision and high performance packaging processes.

Has this technology been introduced in the Indian market? In which other countries is this technology being used?
We are soon going to introduce our technology alongwith with Salesworth Synergies in order to foray into the Indian market. Our latest generation blister, cartoning and sachet packaging systems are used in countries such as Europe, the US, South America, China, SEA, Russia, and the Middle East.

Which products will be sold in India?
As of now, Mediseal products have not been sold in the Indian market. Partnering with Salesworth Synergies is the first step to foray into the Indian market. We intend to launch our complete portfolio together with Salesworth Synergies, that includes, blister machines, solo and inline cartoning, sachet and stickpack systems, solo and with inline cartoning and stand-alone cartoning solutions.

What key challenges do you expect to face in India?
We actually do not see any type of challenges yet. However, we see the Indian market rapidly transforming itself into a professional environment with high GMP and productivity requirements. This is exactly where Mediseal has a lot to offer, so we think it is the right time to start informing the market about what we have to offer.

What adjustments you intend to make to suit the Indian market conditions/ requirements?
Our systems are very modular and besides that we have a large engineering team to execute solutions to meet special requirements. In praxis, it means no system leaving our factory is identical, but at the module level they often are, so it is easy for us to adapt to local requirements.

What are the key differences between India-made packaging machines and the ones being manufactured in the European countries?
Mediseal has 77 years of experience in pharma packaging. Indian customers can benefit more from our experience than that of local suppliers who have less years of experience in business and have not had the same global market interaction/exposure yet.

Are Indian customers ready to pay more for foreign-made machines?
We build high performance products, which in the right environment and when utilised effectively will offer our customers best price/performance in class. The initial investment will be higher but later it will pay-off.

What are your future plans?
We see the current boom in the Indian market as a structural market chance. We will maintain our portfolio so that ‘best price/performance’ can be offered in the future as well.


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