SGD Pharma introduces new range of Type I tubular vials

It features Corning’s Velocity Vial coating technology

SGD Pharma has launched its new range of Type I injectable vials in tubular glass with the added external low-friction coating developed by Corning thanks to an exclusive co-development partnership.

A company statement informed, “SGD Pharma’s new Velocity Vial offering reduces the frictional resistance created by glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact, helping pharma filing lines to prevent potential disruptions to the flow of vials, which can include tip-overs, jams and glass breakages. As a result, there is a reduction in total cost of ownership and an increase in glass quality, making the fill and finish process 20-50 per cent more efficient.”

It added, “Vial cracks and glass particle contamination are also a risk to patients, but with SGD Pharma’s Velocity Vials, pharma filling companies will see a reduction in glass particulates of up to 96 per cent. Hence there will be minimal risk of glass particulates getting trapped inside vials during fill and finish operations, protecting the end user and significantly improving product quality and safety.”

SGD Pharma’s Type I tubular glass vials are compliant with USP and EP requirements and are manufactured and released in accordance with ISO GMP standards. The Velocity Vial coating technology is available in both clear and amber glass, in standard vial sizes 2R to 20R (though sizes up to 30R can be made available on request) and is compliant with EU and US health authorities.

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