Venus Remedies forays into consumer healthcare, launches R3SET for pain management

To introduce products covering key segments like pain management, gastro-enterology, hygiene, stress management, vitamins, and supplements over the next five years
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Foraying into the Rs 30,000-crore Indian consumer healthcare market, Venus Remedies launched its full-fledged Consumer Healthcare Division.

The company’s Consumer Healthcare Division will come up with a wide range of products covering the crucial pain management, gastroenterology, hygiene, stress management and vitamins and supplements segments.

Stating that the newly launched business division would introduce disruptive products in these segments in India over the next five years, Saransh Chaudhary, President, Global Critical Care, Venus Remedies, and CEO, VMRC, said, “We have charted a roadmap for addressing the needs of modern-day Indian consumers who, empowered by the digital revolution brought about by technology over the past decade, make informed choices by digging deeper into science and opt for remedies that work best for them. Never before has there been a time when consumers were both aware of their health needs and had the tools to assess the available solutions. We have entered this OTC space at an ideal time to cater to their specific requirements.

A company statement said, “To begin with, the company’s Consumer Healthcare Division has introduced its holistic pain management solution called R3SET wherein the three “Rs” denote Relief, Revive and Restore. Focused on everyday healthcare solutions, the product line under this segment will help people deal with lifestyle-associated pains more effectively through a 360-degree self-care approach that blends latest technologies with time-tested natural remedies.”

It added, “The R3SET Life formula is a natural pain management solution that ensures maximum efficacy by combining the goodness of proven essential oils with nanotechnology to provide instant relief and long-term healing. R3SET uses ingredients like wintergreen berries and a mix of Indian herbs, which have been used in North America and India since ages to alleviate headache, fever, and various aches and pains. Enabled by nanotechnology, the particle size of key R3SET ingredients will be about 85nm, leading to five times better penetration.”

A key component of R3SET is a digital platform that addresses the key concerns of consumers regarding their pain points, backed by multiple-stage diagnosis and solutions provided by rheumatic experts on the Venus Remedies panel. “This platform will provide solutions that focus on aiding recovery from healthcare problems that commence from lifestyle issues but can develop into serious conditions if left unaddressed,” said Gurpreet Gill, Head, Consumer Healthcare Division, Venus Remedies.

Emphasising on the focus of the newly formed division, Gill said, “Given that the pandemic has made everyone pause and ponder about health issues, consumers are more inclined to work on their lifestyle-related problems while continuing with their regular lives without any discomfort. Our advanced research team has been working on products that have the capability to not only give relief but can also be used for a prolonged period without any side-effects.”

Amongst the other launches of the Consumer Healthcare Division is Sterloc, a Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)-based natural disinfectant against Covid-19 owing to its efficacy in sanitising public places, offices and even hospitals and quarantine facilities where the viral load is much higher. Sterloc can kill 99.99 percent of viruses, including the novel coronavirus, and other emerging pathogens in just 15 seconds, informed the company.

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