Venus Remedies bags Great Place to Work certification

This is the fifth time and for the second consecutive year that Venus Remedies has received this coveted recognition

Venus Remedies has been Great Place To Work Certified” in India (from January 2023 to January 2024). This is the fifth time and for the second consecutive year that Venus Remedies has received this recognition.

A company statement said, “Venus Remedies has always primarily focused on its workplace culture. Employees, one of its stakeholders, form the most significant part of the company’s ecosystem. Complying with the Great Place To Work’s movement ‘Making India a Great Place To Work For All,’ Venus Remedies persistently strives to provide a conducive work environment to its employees.”

“Employee satisfaction, growth, and development are not one-time tasks, recognises Venus Remedies. Consistency is the key! With unwavering determination and healthy association with its employees, Venus Remedies continually invests in their social, intellectual, economic, mental, and professional development. The organisation will continue to foster a work culture of connection, trust, care, and emotional safety for its workforce by taking regular feedback from each and every individual,” a statement issued by the Great Place To Work Institute said.

“Venus is grateful to its employees for recognising their company as a Great Place To Work. In 2022, we were able to nurture and harvest our learning-driven culture. As the world progressed and adopted artificial intelligence (AI) in their work, the organisation took the initiative to prepare its employees for an AI-assisted future. The adaptability of our employees to that change shows signs of progress for us, and we aim to prepare our workforce for the fourth industrial revolution. We are proud to create an ecosystem in which we provide an open platform to our employees, and they take that as an opportunity to ensure their growth and that of the company,” said Akshansh Chaudhary, President, Human Resources, Venus Remedies.

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