USV and Biogenomics launches Insuquick

Insuquick is a “Make in India” product and is available in all metros, and tier I/II cities

USV has announced a partnership with Biogenomics to launch Insuquick, a biosimilar insulin aspart for people with diabetes In India.

Insuquick is a “Make in India” product and is available in all metros, and tier I/II cities.

Prashant Tewari, Managing Director, USV said,” We are committed to improving the quality of lives of people with diabetes. Strengthening our resolve, As a leader in the oral anti-diabetes segment, our entry into injectables is a strategic step towards bolstering our market presence and our aspiration to lead in the diabetes market. We have collaborated with Biogenomics to provide global-quality insulin aspart for our people with diabetes.

Dr Sanjay Sonar, Co-Founder and President, Biogenomics said, “Insulin aspart is the first biosimilar in the category of rapid-acting insulin and is a result of more than ten years of R&D efforts.”

Dr Archana Krishnan, Co-Founder and Director, Biogenomics mentioned, “It is 100 per cent made in India with indigenous technology using fingerprint-like similarity for structure conformation and a robust clinical program to establish efficacy and safety.”

Insuquick will be available in cartridges, vials, and prefilled disposable pens, offering flexibility tailored to the needs of people with diabetes. The disposable and reusable pens are contemporary and lightweight in design and have a legible scale and audible clicks for precise incremental settings.

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