TECSYS launches four products

TECSYS, an industry-leading supply chain management software company has launched four products focused on accuracy, self-service and mobility for workers on-the-go for healthcare distribution organisations.

Peter Brereton, President and CEO, TECSYS, stated, “We have taken a solid step forward with our product strategy to extend our WMS well beyond where the industry is today. The products reflect our increased focus on the distributor’s ability to service their customers and deliver the ‘perfect order’. These products will extend healthcare distribution operations well beyond the warehouse to the point-of-use and will enhance service without adding human resources. As importantly, the distributor will gain the distinct advantage of mobility with business intelligence tools to manage their operations regardless of where they are. These are significant innovations that will clearly benefit our customers’ distribution operations.”

TECSYS’ new products include: Visual-On-Voice; Supply Management System; Mobile Delivery Management; Mobile Business Intelligence; TECSYS’ Visual-On-Voice – A Major Step Toward the Perfect Order

By combining Visual Logistics with voice technology, operators, while remaining completely hands-free, become even more efficient than with just voice alone. That is what Visual-On-Voice is all about. With Visual-On-Voice, workers are empowered to access critical information to make faster decisions and accelerate their workflows hands free. They are also being presented with product-specific images to enable a visual validation and to ensure that the appropriate quality assurance checks are performed. Voice technology drives momentum for continuous picker productivity, while Visual Logistics technology ensures clarity, accuracy and quality in the distribution process. The combination of both is destined to deliver the perfect order.

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