Sun Pharma launches mobile app for asthma patients

RespiTrack seeks to enable doctors to track treatment progress of their patients and increase compliance to medication

As part of its focus to give boost to treatment compliance amongst Asthma patients by minimising instances of non-adherence and drop-outs in Asthma treatment regime, Sun Pharma Sun Pharma is rolling out India’s first unique and innovative mobile application that will connect Doctors and Asthma patients. This App has been specifically developed by Sun Pharma for enabling doctors to track treatment progress of their patients and increase compliance to medication for better management of asthma disease.

It is estimated that nearly 50 per cent to 70 per cent patients in India do not adhere to asthma treatment regimen recommended by a doctor. Up to 50 per cent of such non-adherence is on account of the patient’s forgetfulness to take medicines on time and due to inadequate understanding of the prescribed treatment regimen. Sun Pharma’s RespiTrack aims to address these and other reasons leading to non-adherence thereby improving compliance to Asthma treatment through recurring medication reminders, pre-programmed alerts, Over-the-Air review by the doctor etc.

Commenting on its RespiTrack mobile Application, Abhay Gandhi, CEO – India Business, Sun Pharma said, “Unlike other chronic illnesses where non-adherence to treatment regimen could have significant impact on the patient’s health, Asthmatics tend to be low on the short-run adversity impact of non-adherence. However, in the long run, the implications of non-adherence to prescribed Asthma treatment can severely impede quality of life of these patients. By leveraging our digital technology capabilities, we believe RespiTrack can address this unmet need by reducing non-adherences incidences to treatment.”

For an Asthma patient, RespiTrack allows complete monitoring of asthma attacks, symptoms and medications prescribed by the physician. It enables these patients to record time, place, duration and triggers of attacks along with medication details on the mobile App. The patient can easily send this data to the consulting physician through over-the-air mode on a weekly or monthly basis. RespiTrack also offers a review dashboard that gives a snapshot of all parameters to monitor over a period of time.

Through RespiTrack, a doctor can access his patient’s details through a personalised tracker module which is directly synced with the patient’s App. This module allows doctors to access patient’s ailment history, attack patterns, symptoms, medication patterns and reports. A doctor can remotely view patient reports and also connect with them through an integrated messaging app.

As per WHO Report, India has an estimated 15-20 million asthmatic patients. Various studies estimate that nearly 40 per cent of Asthma patients use inhalers and the rest prefer oral formulations.

Sun Pharma’s RespiTrack is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. A patient needs a Registration Number issued by his/her doctor to use this App.

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