Sun Pharma completes GSK’s opiates biz acquisition in Australia

Significantly expands NRM capability through two opiates manufacturing facilities in Australia

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has started the integration of its opiates business in Australia following the successful completion of this acquisition from GSK (announced in March 2015). The acquisition fortifies Sun Pharma’s global position with two opiates manufacturing facilities in Port Fairy & Latrobe (both in Australia) complementing its current API manufacturing footprint globally.

Sun Pharma now offers opiates product line in addition to a large API portfolio and dosage formulations covering a broad range of chronic and acute prescription drugs. The acquisition also brings a specialised team to drive business growth. The opiates acquisition allows Sun Pharma to significantly expands its narcotics raw material (NRM) market share, enhance opiate alkaloids portfolio and depth in global opiates market and strengthen its strategic position in the global opiates business.

Anil Kumar Jain, Chief Executive Officer – API Business, Sun Pharma said, “The successful completion of this acquisition enables us to leverage our unique position in the global opiates business by capitalising our global footprint and global ranking in the speciality generics market. Sun Pharma stays committed to uncompromised product quality, 100 per cent compliance and innovation.”

Over the last few months, the opiates and Sun Pharma teams put together a transition plan to oversee the implementation of the functional integration of Opiates business. The transition process will emphasise on aligning best functional requirements and leveraging employee talents in this business.