Sciex launches OptiFlow Quant Solution for biopharma peptide quantitation

SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, introduced the OptiFlow Quant Solution for easy yet highly sensitive biomolecule quantitation. This latest addition to the growing line of SCIEX solutions for biopharmaceutical laboratories comprises the new M5 Microflow LC with Phenomenex microflow columns and new OptiFlow Turbo V Source. It offers scientists the most flexible microflow quantitation solution with better sensitivity than analytical flow systems, but without sacrificing robustness or usability. Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and contract research organisations (CRO) currently struggling with bioanalysis projects on challenging analytes, such as peptides, mAbs, and ADCs, will now be able to obtain better data while achieving maximal throughput by utilising microflow separations, without the traditional complex setup and impact of low flow workflows.

Development of novel therapeutics and biotherapeutics creates a challenge for scientists to accurately detect and quantify these compounds. Researchers are tasked with developing quantitation methods that are both sensitive and selective enough to be used in bioanlaytical studies to support drug development. The OptiFlow Quant Solution from SCIEX brings the powerful sensitivity boost from microflow LC without sacrificing the ease-of-use and robustness of analytical flow assays. Scientists are able to gain sensitivity of analyte detection with an easy to implement setup,that still provides maximal flexibility to ensure it can handle novel therapeutics coming through the pipeline in the future.

The SCIEX new OptiFlow Quant Solution comprises:

  • M5 Microflow LC – The new microflow LC now has flow rate capabilities from 1-200 µL/min flow ranges, along with an auto-sealing injection needle, updated auto sampler with injector wash pumps and vial bottom sensing technology. Standard size, finger-tight fittings make the setup and use of the M5 Microflow LC simple and tool-free.
  • Phenomenex MicroFlow Columns – SCIEX has partnered with Phenomenex, which has a wide portfolio of microflow columns across a large number of column chemistries, to give flexible column choice for all project needs.
  • OptiFlow Turbo V Source – The new single-click source is based on the market leading Turbo V Source technology and requires no physical adjustments for optimal ionisation performance. The OptiFlow Turbo V Source supports a wide flow rate range, and includes a column heater that goes up to 900C for challenging analyte separations, and utilises standard size finger-tight fittings for a tool-free setup.
  • 6500+ Triple Quad or QTRAP MS Systems – Paired with an industry leading SCIEX mass spectrometer, the OptiFlow Quant Solution offers proven sensitivity and robustness with compliant software processing for even the more regulated environments. These high performance MS systems empower users with the highest quality data and uptime for the entire study.

Contact Details:
Victoria Parr
Global Marketing Director, SCIEX