The Dabur-Daivam wellness amalgamation

Daivam Wellness and Dabur Research Foundation have collaborated to bring together the traditional knowledge, modern science and technology in a way that will change how overall health and well-being of an individual is looked at

By Akanki Sharma

In an era where startups are coming up rapidly and are trying hard to thrive, Daivam Wellness is one which has partnered with Dabur Research Foundation. The collaboration is set to bring together the traditional knowledge and modern science and technology in a way that will change how overall health and well-being of an individual is looked at.

Following the strategy of holistic wellness, Daivam tends to amalgamate all-natural forms of wellness and healing with an intent to reverse chronic lifestyle diseases in a natural manner. The company is also making a pardigm shift in the way diseases are being diagnosed. In line with this, Dr Sanjay Sachdeva, CEO and Co-founder, Daivam Wellness, informs, “We are not only using the normal pathology or radiology markers, but also using extracellular and intracellular protein-based wellness markers and scans, testing for toxins in a way that no one is doing, and also measuring wellness biomarkers. Our biomarkers are rationally selected and scientifically validated to accurately determine the molecular fingerprint to arrive at the health status and wellness signature of the individual. Small changes in these biomarker levels may be indicative of big changes in health status. The biomarker signature enables a comprehensive understanding of one’s health status beyond conventional diagnostics.”

He further opines that cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic disorders, obesity, stress and aging, hypertension and emotional disturbances can be addressed with modifications in diet and lifestyle without use of active medicines.

Daivam also has scientifically-curated herbal products. “We have scientifically curated a broad range of herbal products for our clients by carefully selecting the herbs that have traditionally been used in Ayurveda for centuries. These products have been rationally designed after conducting several experiments to understand the mechanism of each of the herbs at molecular and cellular levels. Each of these products are natural, safe, contain no preservatives and are cruelty-free,” he notifies.

The company keeps its overheads very low since it does not use patented technologies or drugs which have very heavy patent and IP costs.

Daivam intends to target millennials, the ageing and the well-worried clientele.

“Trying to manage diabesity ‘was’ hard because we were ‘fed’ wrong information,” says Dr Alok Chopra, Founder, and Medical Director, Daivam Wellness. Elaborating on this further, Dr Sachdeva says, “Wrong is the information that we have to live with diabetes forever. We believe that diabetes can be reversed. We have already run pilots and successfully demonstrated reversal of certain chronic diseases. The diabetes reversal programme is of 21 days, which further continues for the next three months, wherein we monitor diabetes patients closely to see the results. The other chronic diseases include cardiometabolic disorders, depression and anxiety problems, and autoimmune diseases. ”

In the next five years, Daivam intends to bring wellness solutions to maximum number of people struggling with varied lifestyle diseases. “We have plans to expand on the existing range of intervention therapies for people at large, personalising these solutions for the Indian population by looking at their unique health patterns and provide them with a range of products and therapies that they need. We would partner with all like-minded stakeholders in healthcare delivery, including governmental agencies. We would also work with BIRAC in the future to enable access to innovative and affordable technologies to the Indian population.”

Dabur Research Foundation, which has a team of over 100 scientists and has state-of-art laboratories, is putting science behind three key areas of Daivam, informs Dr Manu Jaggi, Chief Operating Officer, Dabur Research Foundation and Chief Scientific Mentor, Daivam Wellness. He says, “First, we are making a shift in the paradigm of how diseases are diagnosed. Based on our knowledge and experience of human health and diseases, we can now create signatures of wellness for an individual based on their biomarker profile. This information guides us on personalising the treatment for each person rather than following the practice of treating everyone the same way. Secondly, we have brought together treatment modalities that do not advocate active use of medicines. Each of these modalities, such as biofield energy treatment, mindfulness or heartfulness, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, IV therapies and many others have been scientifically investigated in our labs. Their beneficial effects to our overall health are better understood today and there is a sound rationale for prescribing these therapies to our clients.”

The Ayurvedic company is currently working on a few confidential projects with Daivam. “These are more towards looking at niche therapies for certain disease indications. We are not in a position to disclose additional information on this topic as yet, ” emphasises Dr Jaggi.

However, sharing details about his clients, he says, “Our clients can be classified into three broad categories. The first is what we call ‘the well worried’. These are individuals who have no serious illness today but are worried about their future. They may either have parents with diabetes or high blood pressure or any other illness and they fear that as they grow older, they would also fall sick. The second category of clients are those who have a ‘lifestyle disease’. Such diseases are broadly classified as cardiometabolic diseases. These are chronic illness that are usually not life-threatening, but need management for lifetime. The Daivam way teaches us to prevent, delay or reverse such diseases. The third category of clients are those who have gone through a serious illness such as cancer, and are now in remission or are disease-free. These patients, nevertheless, live under a constant fear of recurrence. At Daivam, we teach such individuals to take better control of their overall health and stay disease-free.”

Dabur will be working with Daivam to understand feedback from the consumers and the medical stakeholders to optimise the efficacy profile for key products, thereby enabling a paradigm shift from medicines to supplement therapy for chronic disease indications.

“We believe that the partnership between Daivam and Dabur Research Foundation is unique and one-of-a-kind in the field, as it scientifically validates some of the new or lesser-known treatment modalities and diagnostic tests. The complementary or holistic medicine is not yet mainstream and one of the reasons for this is lack of enough understanding among common people on how it benefits us. Our partnership aims to educate people, so that they take their health in their own hands,” Dr Jaggi concludes.