Rise in sale of heart and diabetes drugs, immunity boosters in November: Pronto Consult survey

The survey of over 3000 retailers across the country provides information about the consumer's buying pattern and preferences

A market insights report from Pronto Consult indicates that due to Vildagliptin brands, the diabetes portfolio has recorded a sharp growth in the month of November as against previous months. The cardiac therapeutic segment continues to dominate its presence in the prescription market. A strong purchase preference for immunity linked products is also seen. The report, based on a survey of over 3000 retailers across the country, provides information about the consumer’s buying pattern and preferences.

Dr Hari Natarajan, Founder Pronto Consult commented, “Immunity boosters continued their trend in purchases across India, however, we saw a considerable dip in consumer purchasing pattern in other medicines. Although, the cardiac therapeutic continues to dominate its presence in the purchases. We also saw an uptrend in the diabetes portfolio due to Vildagliptin brands. It’s one year since the molecule came out of patent and due to an increase in the communication/ awareness level of Dapagliflozin it has increased its presence significantly. We expect around seven plus brands venturing into the market in the near future.”

“Immunity booster products are a hot topic and its presence in the buying pattern of the consumers is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has helped to increase the market presence of immunity boosters products, showing an increasing trend in India and globally. Online searches increased drastically during the lockdown period. There was an increase of +350 per cent in a search for “immunity” not only in metros, but even hinterlands showed an increase in searches.”

Overall, the outcome report of the survey indicated that states like Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Bihar, North East, West Bengal, Maharashtra recorded an upswing for the purchases.

The survey report observed that there was a spurt in purchase pattern for immunity booster products in cities like Erode, Nagpur, Nashik, Trichy, Solapur, Salem, Thanjavur, Khammam, Nizamabad etc as well.

According to research, multi-vitamins containing Zinc is one of the key ingredients that has seen an increasing trend in the consumption pattern across India. Zincovit brand has shown faster consumption in terms of units thereby proving consumer affinity towards immunity booster and nutraceuticals.

In the nutraceutical brand portfolio; Zincovit, A to Z NS, Bevon Revital H, Limcee, Supradyn, Celin, Citravite XT Beplex Forte were leading amongst others. Besides this, Vitamin D3 brands like Uprise D3, Ultra D3, Drise, Escor Z, Tayo Calcirol were seen in demand in various parts of India. Also, Chyavanprash became a preferred purchase across India.

The findings of the survey also reported that the country’s South Zone preferred Zinc containing products, whereas, North was consistent with Vitamin C purchase.

“Apart from the leading brands, we also saw the presence of other brands like Healthvit Zinc, Fast&up Charge Natural Vitamin C& Zinc, GNC Zinc, Healthvit ZMA, Revital H, Citravite XT,” Natrajan informed.

“Based on the recent survey outcome, we at Pronto Consult feel that these categories should continue to see traction for at least next four to six months depending on the COVID-19 situation and also the availability of vaccines. Word of mouth, retailers and social media would play a vital role in the sustainability of the same,” Natarajan added.


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