PTI launches game-based learning for pharma, biotech and medical device industries

Game-based modules will offer new interactive approaches using both 2D and 3D interactive environments

Pharmaceutical Training International (PTI), supplier of online and public, event-based training courses for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors, has launched a range of game-based e-learning courses. PTI’s unique game-based modules offer new interactive approaches using both 2D and 3D interactive environments. Users will benefit from a more engaging, entertaining and cost-saving method of acquiring new skills through role-play in real world scenarios. To mark the launch, PTI is running a competition until the March 26, 2015 which provides access to the new platform and a chance to win a free e-learning course or a 50 per cent discount on a PTI public, event-based training course.

PTI is the first company to bring the innovative game-based interactive approach to training in the (bio)pharma and medical device sectors, enhancing its existing range of popular e-Learning courses. Including topics in business strategy, clinical, manufacturing, medical devices and diagnostics, R&D and regulatory affairs, a range of modules have now been created to allow ‘players’ to learn through interactive quizzes and a 3D virtual environment. Already used successfully in other sectors, the game-based learning approach enhances traditional training methods for personnel in the (bio)pharma and medical device industries, promoting friendly competition and providing motivation for staff to become more efficient, productive and knowledgeable.

Speaking about this new approach, Rosie Bernard, Managing Director, PTI, said, “At PTI, we want to bring the very best learning experience to our customers, whether they are looking for distance learning, event based or tailored on-site training. Game-based learning is a new approach for our customers that will help them develop new skills in a much more engaging and entertaining way.”

Competition entrants can experience and explore the 3D interactive environment while competing with colleagues around the globe by selecting their area of interest and completing an interactive quiz. Winners will be selected on March 27, 2015.

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