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Anirudha Katekar, Director-Sales (India), Optel Group, began his presentation with a brief about his company and its track-and-trace solutions. He informed that globally, the company has over 23 per cent market share. Later, he spoke about track-and-trace demonstration cartons – carton serialisation with CartonTracker – which comprises a precise ejection system, speed of up to 400 cartons per minute and manual carton aggregation station.

He then mentioned about the multiple-layer aggregation, wherein at one of the stages, a camera (a part of the product) automatically captures the codes and the case (cartons associated to case) label. “A label can be applied with a zebra printer, or an operator can manually apply the same,” he stated.

Furthermore, he talked about the solution design description which includes on site solution – QR code printing and inspection, cloud solution and mobile application.

He said that its onsite solution – QR code printing and inspection further comprises serialisation (unique QR code) with a desktop (using Optel’s OLT or FMP solution), handheld scanner for offline activities (rework/manual check, sample, batch, reconciliation report, etc and open sitemaster (L3) for interacting with ERP, MES systems. Cloud solution comprises serial number generator (EPC could be GS1 based (Digilink) or non-GS1), reports and verification gateway.

Mobile application comprises verification of the QR codes on the blister and it provides product information, he notified.

Katekar also informed that Optel has millions of consumers with 25 million products tracked per year. The company is connected with 500,000 producers with 4,000 systems installed worldwide. In December 2021, it acquired the pharma ‘track and trace’ unit of Körber, expanding its presence in the European market. The company leverages, empowers and captures data for supply chain digitisation.

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