Panacea Biotec bags $24.32 m award from UN Agencies

The company received the award for its Easyfive-TT, which was introduced as fully liquid wP-based pentavalent vaccine in the Indian market

Panacea Biotec received awards worth $24.32 m (Over Rs 170 crores) from UN agencies (UNICEF and PAHO) for supply of its Easyfive-TT, a fully liquid WHO-prequalified wP-based pentavalent vaccine (DtwP-HepB-Hib). UNICEF award is for calendar year 2020 and award of PAHO is for three (3) calendar years i.e. 2020-2022.

Easyfive-TT was introduced by Panacea Biotec as fully liquid wP-based pentavalent vaccine in Indian market in year 2005. With WHO prequalification in 2008, over 100 million doses have been supplied to more than 50 countries globally. Easyfive-TT is ready for use without further preparation by healthcare workers in the field, which offers major healthcare advantages in countries with challenging infrastructure and hygiene problems.

Dr Rajesh Jain, MD, Panacea Biotec commented, “Our continued focus on high-quality standards and supply sustainability has helped drive and strengthen good-will for Panacea Biotec in the UN agencies-led market. EasyFive-TT has further proved its ability to continuously attract customer interest, validated its role as a valuable and dependable product in our portfolio.”

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