OPPI supports Government to address COVID 19 situation

The organisation reiterates the support and commitment of its members towards working with the Government of India

In line with its patient-first approach, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI), which represents the research-based pharmaceutical companies, reiterates the support and commitment of its members towards working with the Government of India in addressing the COVID-19 situation by ensuring the following:

Supply continuity of medicines: OPPI and its member companies reassure availability of adequate supplies of medicines for those in need of them. OPPI confirms that currently its member companies have adequate inventory in India and efforts are being made to step up further production. The members are committed to working on measures to ensure that there are no shortages and that there is continuity in the pharmaceutical supply chain through a focused engagement with all critical stakeholders across the supply chain.

Response to public health challenge driven by scientific research: As a science-driven industry that aims to address some of the world’s biggest healthcare challenges, the research-based pharmaceutical industry has a role to play in developing new and improved medicines and vaccines to help respond to this epidemic. From the outset of the epidemic, global research-based pharmaceutical companies have reviewed their drug and vaccine portfolios to see if there is any research that could be of help. This analysis involved scientists assessing the companies’ libraries for potentially useful assets that could help with the development of new or repurposed treatments or vaccines to fight against the novel coronavirus. Relevant assets include diagnostics and biomarkers, approved therapies or compounds in development which could be repurposed for use in treating patients with the coronavirus. In addition, these companies are undertaking to identify any ACE inhibitors, protease inhibitors or immunotherapies that could be relevant in the context of novel coronavirus.

Health and safety of employees: In line with the advisories issued by the Government and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on COVID-19, OPPI members are tracking the updates and implementing them on a regular basis.  In view of addressing the safety, well-being and good health of employees, partners and other stakeholders, members are committed to following the general precautionary measures that include the universal or standard precautions of general hygiene; maintaining a social distancing of 2 meters or more and avoiding mass gatherings. Members have postponed internal and external meetings, events and gatherings and travel, until further notice.

OPPI members remain committed and supportive towards working with the Government, medical institutions and other stakeholders, in delivering quality patient care during these challenging times.

COVID-19Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI)
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