Nutrify Genie sets up data analytics office in Vishakhapatnam

The Vishakhapatnam office of Nutrify Genie will be managed by Khasim MTI, Director- Operations

Nutrify Genie, an AI engine for nutraceuticals design, development and commercialisation, recently set up a data-analytics office in Vishakhapatnam.

The Vishakhapatnam office of Nutrify Genie will be managed by Khasim MTI, Director- Operations. Khasim has also been involved in creating deep biochemistry data mining and enabling machine learning to enable the AI that Nutrify Genie commands. The national team will also report to the Vishakhapatnam office under Md Khasim MTI.

A statement from Nutrify Today informed, “Priyanka Srivastava, Chairperson of Nutrify Today chose Vishakhapatnam to bring high tech opportunities to smaller cities and create employment opportunities in these smaller cities with great potential of growth. It’s one of the many ways where Nutrify Today has tried to catalyse national capacity building in nutraceuticals. Vishakhapatnam has some of the best engineering, science and management colleges. Nutrify Genie intends to tap into these colleges to recruit and collaborate for joint research work. Nutrify Genie is already working in phytopharma research along with Centurion University. We intend to collaborate with many more colleges in Vishakhapatnam.”

Nutrify Today is led by Amit Srivastava (Founder) and Dr Anand Swaroop (Co-founder). They are working closely to enable and empower responsible nutraceutical industry and catalyse global focus on nutraceuticals in India. Srivastava believes that Vishakhapatnam will play a key role in Nutrify Genie’s global role.

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