MSD Pharma to invest $38 million in Asia Pacific and Europe

Launched by MSD, IDEA Studios will be strategically located in asian and european innovation hubs to partner closely with early-stage companies focused on improving patient care

MSD has announced the launch of its IDEA Studios, a new initiative led by the MSD Global Health Innovation Fund and MSD’s regional teams to fund and collaborate with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies focused on delivering transformative health care solutions.

Announced at the HLTH Europe conference, MSD IDEA Studio Asia Pacific and MSD IDEA Studio Europe will combine the company’s industry-leading corporate venture arm with the health care expertise of its regional business teams. 

Strategically located in the hubs of Singapore and Berlin, respectively, the IDEA Studios will create an entrepreneurial environment and facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas to foster breakthrough initiatives, informs the statement.

As part of these efforts, MSD business teams in Asia Pacific and Europe will collaborate closely with MGHIF investors to select and fund local entrepreneurs who are developing innovative healthcare solutions. The MGHIF plans to invest USD 38 million across both regions during the next three years. 

Key areas of interest within IDEA Studio Asia Pacific include access to vaccinations and cancer therapies. MSD IDEA Studio Europe will look for innovative ways to diagnose disease earlier, monitor patients to enhance medication adherence, and enhance clinical trial recruitment.


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