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Speaking during the ADL Conclave 2022 about Milli-Q IQ 7000 lab water purification system, Vinita Singh, Senior Product Manager, Lab Water Solutions – India & Singapore, Merck, said that this purification system allows scientists to focus on problem solving, without worrying about the purity of their water. “Its smaller, ergonomic design reduces waste and helps increase productivity and accelerate research for scientists in the lab,” she said.

She further mentioned the various roles of water in the laboratory. These include sample preparation (dilution, extraction, QuEChERS); preparation of buffers, reagents, HPLC mobile phases; preparation of microbiology media and solutions; preparation of standards and blanks; feed for washers, autoclaves, stability testing chambers, water baths; and washing, rinsing of sample and reagent containers. She also emphasised that the labs today and in the future need sustainability, result quality, innovation and lab productivity.

Going forward, she highlighted the features of MyMilli-Q, which are 24/7 remote monitoring, addressing of emerging productivity needs in QC, time-saving diagnostics and assistance, rapid planning, tracking of service plans and consumables shipments and streamlining audit preparations with effective data management solutions screen, new Q-POD and E-Pod dispenser, new IPAK purification cartridges, mercury-free UV lamps, aesthetic and compact installations, range of services, and data and connectivity, she concluded.

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