Latest trends in laboratory services for more operational efficiency

As technology is revolutionising the way we live and work, there is also a digital transformation that is happening as to how the pharma laboratories are expecting and also receiving services. The dynamics is changing from both the sides – the service seeker side and the service provider side. This is all about taking action which can create value for someone. Creating value means one should be able to help a person improve their connectivity or increase their revenue or decrease their cost and things like that.

From the days of just instrument repair providing services like fixing an instrument, preventive maintenance now a days is more about looking at what kind of returns a particular lab or an institution is likely to get and service is all about maximising laboratory effectiveness or productivity. Gone are those days where service means people used to recall a broken instrument or broken system, but nowadays, it’s more about working system or a working instrument rather than a broken system. So, that’s how services have evolved over a period of time.

There are smarter instruments and tools available and engineers are going to be more proactive in terms of visiting the customers. Even before the call gets generated and even before the customer realises that there is an issue, engineer should be there to take some preventive actions. That is how service delivery transformation is happening. If we are able to enable customers to do a few things by themselves by helping them remotely, and also in terms of giving them education and trainings that are required so that, we can minimise the number of service interventions. When we are minimising the number of service interventions, that means, automatically, there are less number of breakdowns. Less number of breakdowns means, automatically, there is more up time of instruments. More up time of instruments means better output, better throughput and the whole lab is expected to be more productive.

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  • Ozzy Russell

    Love this wonderful and informative article about lab services. This is the need of today’s time. Thank you for sharing this article.