ISCR celebrates a decade of existence

Emphasises on the fact that clinical research needs to be built on a quality and ethical framework

The 8th Annual Clinical Research Conference was recently organised by ISCR at Gurgaon. Against a background of positive winds of change in the regulatory environment, ISCR has themed its conference, Clinical Research in India – Towards Achche Din. where over two days, multiple stakeholders deliberated on what constitutes Achche Din for the clinical research fraternity in India and how that can become a reality.

“India cannot afford not to do research in new drug discovery. Have confidence in the new rules and regulations, take advantage of them and bring clinical trials back to India,” said Prof Ranjit Roy Chaudhury while delivering the keynote address at the inauguration of the conference.

Suneela Thatte, President, ISCR, in her inaugural address said, “Given the fact that India as a country has the highest disease burden in the world, it seems only logical that we as a country should have a clinical research agenda of our own. On the contrary, in spite of being home to 17 per cent of the population of the world and having a fifth of the world’s disease burden, our contribution to global drug trials is around 1.5 per cent and this has probably dropped even lower over the last couple of years.”

EP News BureauMumbai