Indegene introduces TrialPedia 2.0 with ‘Advantage Insights’

Indegene, a leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions provider, has launched TrialPedia 2.0 with Advantage Insights. It is an enhanced clinical trial analysis and decision support platform that hosts a real-time repository of clinical trial information with advanced search, data mining, and specialised service bureau services including custom research, analytics and reporting.

TrailPedia 2.0 will help clinical development and operations, R&D, Competitive Intelligence (CI), BD & Licensing as well as strategic marketing professionals effectively analyse clinical literature and trial data seamlessly, and benchmark competitive Clinical Development Programmes (CDPs) across the industry. Apart from the most comprehensive list of trials and indications, TrialPedia 2.0 has many industry leading unique features including therapy area specific query parameters, claim space prediction tools, trial feasibility and operations analysis and identification of competitive differentiators.

TrialPedia 2.0 has been designed to fulfill an unmet need in the industry to provide quick and comprehensive answers to strategic clinical development and marketing questions around market evolution, competitive label claims, licensing options and future sales projections. TrialPedia is the product of over 300 man-years of effort in assimilating knowledge to build a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking solution. The value of clinical trial analytics within TrialPedia 2.0 can be significantly enhanced via Advantage Insights, for clients looking for a comprehensive clinical trial reporting, analytics and benchmarking service.

The number of drugs approved by US FDA over the years is on a decline and is a clear indication of the difficulties pharma companies will be facing to continue revenue growth in the future. As these companies grapple with shrinking pipelines, stricter safety requirements of the regulator, and spiralling costs to bring a product to the market, they need to ensure that their products genuinely fulfill an unmet market need. Therefore, it is imperative that the R&D effort follows a ‘market to lab’ approach—one that reverses the conventional approach used over the last few decades and places market requirements at the centre of new product development efforts.

Manish Gupta, CEO, Indegene said, “With TrialPedia Advantage Insights, in addition to clients gaining access to this best-in-class platform, they can leverage our deep research and analytics expertise for all their reporting and analysis needs. We believe that the Advantage Insights service bureau will help clients realise the true value of clinical trial analytics and help them navigate the business environment more effectively.”

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