Honeywell acquires research chemicals biz from Sigma-Aldrich

Broadens Honeywell’s research chemicals portfolio and expands global reach

Honeywell has completed the acquisition of Seelze, Germany-based laboratory research chemicals business from Sigma-Aldrich, broadening Honeywell’s offerings for high-purity solutions for drug discovery, medical diagnostic testing and other laboratory applications.

The acquisition includes the Fluka-branded solvents and inorganic chemistry portfolio worldwide and the Sigma-Aldrich-branded solvents and inorganic chemistry portfolio in the European Economic Area (EEA). Those offerings are now part of Honeywell’s broader portfolio of offerings for research chemicals, which already includes the Riedel-de Haën and Burdick & Jackson brands.

“The combined Honeywell business will be able to serve a broader range of customers and applications with global brands recognised for world-class quality and lot-to-lot consistency — essential for a range of applications including drug synthesis, food, environmental, chemical and forensic testing,” said Qamar Bhatia, President, Honeywell’s Specialty Products business.

The Honeywell portfolio now includes six product lines. They are

  • Fluka chemicals and reagents used for biochemical research and other chemical and pharma applications
  • Hydranal Karl Fischer titration reagents used by laboratories to measure moisture content in liquids and solids
  • Chromasolv high-purity solvents for chromatography, a technique used to separate and analyse complex mixtures
  • Riedel-de Haën high-quality research chemicals used in pharma production and bioscience
  • Burdick & Jackson high-purity solvents, reagents and chromatography products for laboratories and pharma production
  • Sigma-Aldrich solvents and inorganics sold into the European Economic Area

The acquired business employs approximately 200 people, primarily in Seelze, with sales and marketing personnel throughout Europe. Honeywell’s Seelze plant, which manufactures Riedel-de Haën-branded products, currently makes the majority of the products in the acquired business.

The acquired business will be integrated into Honeywell’s Fine Chemicals business and will continue to be led by the core leadership team of the acquired company. With two production sites, Seelze and Muskegon, Mich, in the US, the combined business unit will be able to develop and manufacture high-purity research chemicals and other materials used in new drug discovery, medical diagnostic testing and other laboratory applications.

With the addition of titration products, high-purity solvents and reagents, and specialty inorganic chemicals, Honeywell builds on an already strong portfolio of Burdick & Jackson and Riedel-de Haën products. Honeywell’s Fine Chemicals business has supplied high-quality research chemicals and specialty organic and inorganic compounds to the chemical and pharma industries for more than 100 years. Its products are sold under the Burdick & Jackson and Riedel-de Haën brands, and are used in a variety of laboratory, consumer and industrial applications including drug discovery, toothpaste, water purification, fortified foodstuffs, polymer synthesis, and metal surface treatment and finishing.

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