Glenmark launches India’s first Whatsapp-based chatbot 

The chatbot, "Hello Skin," will help those people who are suffering from fungal infections

Glenmark Pharma has developed a digital patient education tool, “Hello Skin,” in collaboration with the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL), to help patients suffering from Dermatophytosis (ring worm or tinea) in India, to adhere to the recommended treatment duration, a statement from Glenmark Pharma notified.

“Hello skin” is the first Whatsapp-based chatbot, which helps patients in not only improving adherence to topical/systemic recommended therapy with daily pill reminders, but also in creating disease awareness, and provides skin care tips to patients suffering from ring worm. This platform is patient-friendly and will be available in six different regional languages, including Hindi and English, enabling better patient compliance to the technology, the statement said.

Speaking about the development, Alok Malik, Group Vice President and Head, India Formulations, Glenmark Pharma, said in the statement, “Digital patient inclusion for better disease management is the way forward in healthcare. ‘Hello Skin’ is an initiative in this direction and will help improve disease education and patient adherence to fungal therapy. IADVL’s collaboration with Glenmark for developing this innovative solution, further adds to its credibility among dermatologists and patients.”

Glenmark has introduced this platform to the dermatologists across the country, who can recommend it to their patients for effectively dealing with ring worm. The “Hello Skin” chatbot will support patient adherence throughout the recommended duration of the therapy.

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