Gandhi Automations clean room high speed doors, an integral part of pharma manufacturing facilities

Numerous manufacturing facilities now require a controlled environment in which the amount of dust and dirt in the area of the manufacturing can be limited. Medical instrument manufacturing and packaging, electronics and computer manufacturing, food preparation and some military applications are but a few of the instances that have strict requirements for maintaining a clean environment. One needs to know the requirement for specific product or process. Clean rooms have become an integral part of pharma manufacturing facilities.

One of the most important aspects of cleanrooms are the doors needed for cleanroom facility. Time for which door is open will play a critical factor in avoiding dust, outside temperature, humidity etc. Opening and closure of door has to be quick enough to isolate the outside environment and internal facility.

Gandhi Automations provide clean room high speed doors specifically designed for above purpose. The clean room high speed doors are best suited for facilities where controlled environment is needed. The opening and closing of door is quick enough to separate outside environment and internal facility.

High speed clean room doors designed by Gandhi automation are engineered carefully with feature below:-

  • Concept of low air permeability in pressurised rooms with positive and negative air pressure
  • Designed to fit inside the columns
  • Self-supporting construction
  • Minimises air leakage
  • Can be equipped with transparent PVC horizontal sections or vision windows
  • Special side guides to tightly integrate the curtain
  • High leak tightness due to the close filling curtain in the guide rails
  • High door efficiency with and low permeability values, EN 12426 EN 12427: < 12 m3/m2 h D 50 PA
  • Control device enclosure in Stainless Steel SS 316

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