FairJourney Biologics, IONTAS enter antibody discovery pact with Pandion Therapeutics

Diverse panel of novel target binders from FairJourney Biologics and IONTAS will be used to uncover functional antibodies to advance autoimmune and inflammatory disease research

FairJourney Biologics and IONTAS announced they have signed an agreement to discover antibodies with Pandion Therapeutics. The partnership will harness both FJB and IONTAS’ proprietary antibody libraries and technology platforms to investigate novel therapeutic targets for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Pandion focuses on the development of innovative modular therapeutics using its TALON (Therapeutic Autoimmune reguLatOry proteiN) drug design and discovery platform. The TALON effector modules are based on immunomodulatory molecules that act as regulatory control points within the immune system. In conjunction with a tissue-specific targeting moiety, the effectors create novel bifunctional molecules for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pandion will access the novel libraries and platform technologies provided by FJB and IONTAS. A dedicated FJB/IONTAS FTE will be assigned to the project with the aim of discovering diverse panels of novel target binders for use within the TALON platform. The agreement extends an existing relationship between the companies and gives Pandion the option to use standard phage display or mammalian display as the engines for the discovery of next-generation antibodies.

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