Entod launches snake venom-based facial gel serum in India 

The serum is already a well-known product in the European market

Entod has launched its facial gel serum “Vasuki” in India yesterday. The serum is one of the world’s first clinically-proven synthetic tripeptidesnake venom neurotoxin developed by the advanced skincare laboratories of Entod Research Cell UK.

Vasuki relaxes muscle contractions under the skin, and is effective in preventing and reducing both dynamic and static lines in early ageing skin around the forehead, eyes, neck, hands and lips.

The serum is already a well-known product in the European market. In India, it will be available at the local dermatologist or cosmetologist clinics.

“To treat wrinkling, pigmentary changes, roughness, laxity and fine lines, many people still resort to injectable neurotoxins. However, long-term usage of injectable neurotoxins may lead to complications like neck weakness, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, drooping eyelid, difficulty speaking, hoarseness and much more which can severely impact the quality of life of a person. Topical skincare treatments like serums are pain-free and much safer than injectable neurotoxins. …….,” said Dr Aseem Sharma, MD, DNB, MBA, FMGE, FMUHS, Chief Dermatologist, Skin Saga, Centre for Dermatology, Mumbai.


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