Clariant Chemicals (India) receives Responsible Care Logo

Clariant Chemicals (India) has recently received the Responsible Care logo by the Indian Chemical Council (ICC). Dr Deepak Parikh, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director accepted the plaque from Yogesh Kothari, President, Indian Chemical Council.

Parikh said, “We believe that sustainability among the specialty chemical companies is an important qualifier for continued long-term economic success. For us in Clariant we are convinced that Responsible Care is a combination of safer products, people, processes and environment. It is a vital programme that contributes to sustainable development. Incorporating responsible working attitude is a continuous journey for us. Environment, safety and occupational health are the pivots for any successful and responsible organisation. Our people and their commitment to ESHA is the key for us to keep the responsible care flag flying high going forward.”

Yogesh Kothari mentioned that he was happy that ICC is awarding this first logo to Clariant, within the new ICC rules framework. “We urge multinational companies like Clariant to share their best practices with the ICC member companies and be a leader in propagating the importance and relevance of this initiative for other companies.”

PA Murali, Head of Regional ESHA and PS, Clariant Chemicals (India), said, “Responsible Care is an important tool for us, to attain our ultimate vision of No Accident, No Injuries and No Harm to our environment. We are glad to be among the top 25 companies in India, who have now been awarded the Responsible Care logo.”

ICC has set-up a two stage process to award the logo to member companies. The first stage involves submission of ESHA data, compliance status updates of each code and the Responsible Care commitment signed by the VC and MD. The second stage involves audit at each site, within the first year of award of the Responsible Care Logo.”

Clariant has given its support to the Responsible Care Global Charter with the signing of Responsible Care declaration by Dr Hariolf Kottmann, Chief Executive Officer, Clariant in May 2008. The Responsible Care principles are embodied in the sustainability policy which underlines the strong commitment to sustainable chemistry and the leadership role in our activities and business. In India, the Responsible Care programme is being driven by ICC which has a clear plan to promote Responsible Care awareness among member companies. ICC is a Responsible Care member of the International Council of Chemical Associations.

Responsible Care is a world-wide initiative developed by the chemical industry and is a voluntary commitment for continuous improvement in environment, safety and health performance. It is a commitment to build trust and confidence in the industry to improve living standards and the quality of life. Being part of this programme helps companies in many areas such as, Identify ESH requirements beyond regulatory compliance; Diminish the risks due to environmental, health and safety failures; Optimise operational conditions and company performance; Improve the image and reputation of the company towards the employees, authorities, customers and general public; Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Responsible Care programme has seven codes, each having a specific focus: They are process safety; employee health and safety; pollution prevention; emergency response; distribution; product stewardship and security.

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