Celanese discusses innovative uses for EVA polymers at AAPS, San Diego

Celanese Corporation, a global technology and speciality materials company, will be discussing novel applications in pharmaceuticals and medical devices for ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymers during AAPS 2014, November 2-6, in San Diego, California.

At the AAPS annual meeting and expo, Celanese will meet with leaders in the pharma and medical industries to discuss potential uses of EVA in two ways: as controlled release of drugs for oral administration, and EVA as a foamed excipient to deliver stem cells, growth factors and biologics.

“EVA polymers have a successful history in the pharma industry as a parenteral controlled release excipient,” said Don Loveday, healthcare and life sciences leader for Celanese. “We believe these two routes of administration offer incredible potential to the medical world.”
The Celanese whitepaper entitled potential use of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer excipients in oral controlled release applications: A literature review summarises the recent developments of EVA-based oral controlled release drug delivery systems. 50 separate references are cited in this comprehensive paper.

In the Celanese whitepaper entitled EVA foamed excipient: Novel way to deliver stem cells, growth factors and biologics for controlled release applications, the controlled release delivery of therapeutic agents to prevent recurrence of brain tumours following resection was posited. In this study, high molecular weight simulated agents (70,000 and 200,000 Dalton polystyrene sulfonate – PSS) demonstrated controlled release delivery for more than 200 hours. More research is planned in this arena.

Technical, marketing and sales teams will be available at the Celanese booth #1150 at the AAPS expo to discuss the various uses of EVA polymers for controlled release.

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