Bristol Myers Squibb launches breast cancer awareness initiative

Renowned cancer specialist, Dr Jaya Ghosh from Tata Memorial Hospital recently launched ‘The Pink Drive’ initiative in Mumbai. ‘The Pink Drive’ is a disease awareness initiative by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The company is working with Priyadarshini Taxi service, a taxi service in Mumbai, owned and driven by women, for this initiative. The aim of this initiative is to create awareness among women about breast cancer and educate them on the importance of screening and diagnosis for early detection.

The all-women driven ‘pink’ taxis were flagged off from Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, where they assembled in a pink ribbon shaped formation, which is the symbol commemorating for breast cancer awareness.

For the month of October, these taxis will ply throughout Mumbai with the message of breast cancer awareness. Self breast examination pamphlets will be given to all women commuters during the month.

Talking about the need for such initiatives, Ghosh, said, “Breast cancer cases are increasing at an alarming rate and are estimated to double by 2025. Awareness and action (screening) among women needs to increase if we want to be anywhere close to eradicating this disease from our country. An effort of this kind should help in increasing awareness about diagnosis among women. Also, imparting the right education is important.”

Elaborating on the diagnosis, Ghosh said, “The right tests done at the right age can help in the early detection of breast cancer, thereby improving the chances of successful treatment. Some women, because of their family history, a genetic tendency, or certain other factors, should be screened with MRI in addition to mammograms. Women should talk to their doctors in order to ensure timely diagnosis and appropriate tests for treatment. A right step taken at the right time can go a long way.”

Commenting on the initiative, Kanchana TK, Director, Corporate & Public Affairs, Philanthropy, Bristol Myers –Squibb India, said, “Our aim is to encourage women to go for screening and take corrective measures through timely diagnosis.” She added, “Moving forward, we look at scaling this initiative in different cities.”

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