Bosch expands inspection portfolio

Bosch Packaging Technology has showcased two new pharmaceutical inspection machines at Achema 2015. The KHS 1 is a new development emerging from a cooperation of Bosch with Lighthouse Instruments. It is designed for container closure integrity testing of ampoules, vials, bottles, cartridges and syringes using laser headspace analysis (HSA). The AIM 3, in turn, is the new member of the well-established AIM series. It offers the possibility to perform both visual inspection and high-voltage leak detection (HVLD) for ampoules and vials on one single platform.


Bosch collaborated with Lighthouse Instruments, a leading provider of non-destructive laser spectroscopy headspace analysis systems. This expertise in leak detection fits ideally with the highest quality requirements of the pharma industry.


The KHS 1 is the new high-end leak detection system from Bosch for closure integrity testing with laser headspace analysis. It measures the absorbed light passing through the headspace region via laser spectroscopy. HSA is applicable to lyophilised products and medicines filled under vacuum or purged with inert gas. The new KHS 1 inspects both standing and non-standing containers at outputs of up to 600 per minute, and can combine HSA with optional near infrared (NIR) measurement and container coding. In order to ensure the highest reliability and accuracy, a built-in automatic re-calibration is continuously performed using certified reference containers.

Bosch also launched  AIM 3, which combines both visual inspection of the AIM series and high-voltage leak detection of the KLD series. It inspects ampoules and vials containing solutions and suspensions at outputs of up to 400 containers per minute.

In order to sort out damaged containers before they enter the main inspection turret, the AIM 3 is equipped with a pre-inspection station. The core module features a high-resolution CMOS camera with high-speed interface for particle and cosmetic inspection, as well as a re-inspection function. The customisable platform can be retrofitted on site to add further visual inspection stations or the HVLD module. The latter delivers equivalent measurement results for all glass qualities, such as molded and tubing, as well as clear and amber glass. Both inspection steps are controlled via one common Human Machine Interface (HMI).

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