Biocon Biologics and Voluntis collaborate on digital therapeutics for insulins

Insulia is the first digital therapeutic with regulatory clearance to provide automated titration recommendations for all types of basal insulins

Biocon Biologics, a subsidiary of Biocon and Voluntis announced a global collaboration agreement between Biocon Biologics’ subsidiary Biocon Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia and Voluntis to develop and distribute innovative digital therapeutics supporting people with diabetes on biologics therapy.

The licensing agreement will make Biocon Biologics one of the first insulins companies to offer a US Food and Drug Administration-cleared and CE-marked, highly validated digital therapeutic product, Insulia, to Type 2 diabetes patients, across several markets in the world. Insulia provides automated insulin dose recommendations enabling people with diabetes to self-manage their condition and healthcare teams to remotely monitor progress.

Insulia is the first digital therapeutic with regulatory clearance to provide automated titration recommendations for all types of basal insulins. The demand for at-home treatment and telemedicine solutions is dramatically increasing around the world, with select healthcare systems offering reimbursement for patients eligible for digital therapeutic solutions.

Biocon Biologics aspires to reimagine the patient ecosystem by developing a technology dependent operating model that enables personalization of care, thus going beyond the product to reduce both the cost of the drug as well as the cost of administering the drug. This is aligned with the organization’s philosophy of keeping patients at the core of the business. It seeks to gather insights from patients through digitally enabled platforms and then leverage data science to integrate these insights into its development programs enabling it to design a service or solution around the patient. By leveraging best-in-class digital therapeutic solutions, Biocon Biologics wants to focus on enhancing the patient experience.

Christiane Hamacher, CEO and Managing Director, Biocon Biologics, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Voluntis for this unique digital therapeutic solution that has U.S. FDA clearance and a CE mark to help manage the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Biocon Biologics will be one of the first insulin companies globally to offer this innovation for the benefit of people with diabetes. We believe pairing our products with a digital therapeutic solution will help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to healthcare systems in the long term. We remain committed to impact patients’ lives through innovative solutions.”

Pierre Leurent, CEO of Voluntis said, “We are excited to partner with Biocon Biologics, a leading global player committed to expanding patients’ access to premier biologics while caring about treatment affordability. By combining best-in-class digital and therapeutic solutions, we aim to transform treatment experiences and advance new business models. This collaboration will help patients around the globe achieve optimal outcomes on their insulin journey, and illustrates digital therapeutics’ growing importance as part of the new standards of care.”

Once developed, the Insulia digital companion will be offered to people with Type 2 diabetes using Biocon Biologics’ insulins, in key global markets. Going forward, by extending the Insulia platform to its complete range of insulin products, including Recombinant Human Insulin, Insulin Glargine and Insulin Aspart, Biocon Biologics will create a comprehensive digital therapeutics portfolio for patients.

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