Aragen setting up a $ 30mn bio-manufacturing site in Bengaluru

Biologics manufacturing to expand the Aragen platform by offering “gene to GMP” solution

Aragen is setting up a new biologics manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India. The facility is part of a $30 million investment, spanning nearly 160,000 sq m, and includes process development labs and multiple GMP manufacturing suites with supporting functions like quality control labs (analytical and microbiology). The manufacturing suites will be equipped for intensified processing using single-use bioreactors and advanced downstream purification capability to serve it’s rapidly expanding biologics customer base.

The facility will offer integrated solutions from process development, process validation, analytical development, pilot production, large-scale DS manufacturing and stability services. It will have the capability to develop and manufacture mAbs, therapeutic proteins and fusion proteins to augment the company’s bioproduction capability in California.

The process development laboratory is scheduled to be operational by the third quarter of FY 24 while the first manufacturing suite will open in the third quarter of FY 25. The facility is designed to include plasmid DNA, mRNA, cell and gene therapy, microbial manufacturing and additional GMP manufacturing suites in the future as demand ramps up.

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