AMI Polymer unveils silicone inflatable gaskets and Imaflexxie

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Ami Polymer is a pioneer in silicone inflatable gaskets which supplies to renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. The company has successfully installed import substitute silicone inflatable gaskets for fluid bed processor for Pam/ Glatt/ GEA machines of different models. Quality and craftsmanship of inflatable gaskets are at par with international standards and aesthetically look good. European technology is used to manufacture these gaskets.

Inflatable gaskets functions like a cycle tube. When inflated, it seals the gap and ensures proper sealing. It is made up of transparent silicone rubber. These gaskets are inflated by 6-10 mm when 2-4 kg pressure is applied.

These gaskets find application where gaps need to be sealed, which are uneven due to fabrication limitation such as in fluid bed dryer, sliding door autoclave, isolators. etc. There are in-house tool making facility in CMC and VMC. These gaskets are manufactured with world class European machine and advance technology. Raw materials used to manufacture these gaskets are sourced from the US and Europe.

Ami Polymer has also developed gaskets for isolator and glove box, fedegari, autoclave, autocoater, lypholiser.

Aapplication of inflatable gaskets

  • Powder and bulk solid handling machineries
  • Processing equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Conveyor
  • Robotics and fluid sealing
  • Material handling and medical sterilisers
  • Electronic/ Wafer semiconductor processing
  • Nuclear door seals
  • Industrial washing and extractor machines
  • Fluid bed dryers in pharma application
  • Industries for inflatable gaskets
  • Airlock door seals
  • Personnel access door seals
  • Equipment hatch seals
  • Torus and wet well access hatch seals
  • Refuelling canal hatch seals
  • Pool gate seals
  • Airlock shaft seals
  • Dry well head seals
  • Inflatable door and valve seals


General features

  • Platinum cured silicone covered over stainless steel (SS 304) braided with inside PTFE tube.
  • Permits easy cleaning.
  • Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical applications.
  • Smooth silicone cover provides safety to operator while handling in high temperature.
  • Prevents operator/ users injury due to ‘frayed’ SS braids.
  • Temperature rated -maximum temperature: -60ºC to +250ºC.
  • Can be autoclaved.
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with organic &inorganic solvent.
  • Conforms to USFDA 21CFR 177.2600.


  • Fluid handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Steam application, Etc.


  • Inside tube: Smooth PTFE for sterile application
  • Cover: Platinum cured silicone
  • Reinforcement: Stainless steel braiding

Note:- Corrugated PTFE can be made available for better flexibility and bending radius.

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