Agarwal Movers Group invests Rs 100 crores in Trucking Cube

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Transportation in ‘cubes’ assures zero loss during transhipment; crucial for pharma and food shipments

Agarwal Movers Group, a major player in the relocation industry, announced an investment of Rs 100 crore in Trucking Cube (, which has reportedly introduced the concept of transporting goods in ‘cubes’ exclusively assigned to them. This prevents shipments like pharmaceutical and food products, from damage as the shipment makes its way through the supply chain. The cubes come in six sizes — 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 20 feet.

According to a press release, a study carried out over the past years by Agarwal Movers Group has shown that the country sees an annual damage of over Rs 42,000 crores in transhipment due to surface logistics. Trucking Cube assures safe-delivery of goods with Zero Transhipment, Zero Damage, Zero Loss to its house-hold and commercial customer by protecting goods from expiring before the expiry date. The goods are transported in ‘cubes’ exclusively assigned to them avoiding any rancidity/ damage. This problem is more prevalent in food and pharma industry and has a direct impact on the health of the consumer and can prove fatal for the brand’s name. Agarwal Movers Group will move 100 per cent to Trucking Cube by July 2016.

The company looks at the pharma industry as one of its most important clients. Since many of the pharma products are temperature sensitive they are making special arrangements for the same. Saransh Agarwal, Director and Head, Trucking Cube Division, Agarwal Movers Group , informs, “Currently, we are working on the trial version of how the goods will be maintained at room temperature. Once we are done with our study and the entire process is evaluated with two to three companies and if they give their go ahead then a significant percentage of cubes will be as per the pharma industry’s requirements. For the specific temperature requirements of the pharma industry, we will be launching reefer containers/ cubes in the second phase.”

“Trucking Cube assures zero transhipment, improved efficiency by 200 per cent and six per cent reduction in the packaging cost. The Rs 100-crore investment will be made over the next three years to grow the ecosystem and the number of cubes to 10,000 from 2,000,” said Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman, Agarwal Movers Group, further pointing out that choosing the incorrect logistics partner could ruin the brand’s reputation overnight.

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