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Supplied lipids for about three lakh vials of Amphotericin B formulations: VAV Life Sciences

VAV expects to triple the quantity by December 2021

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VAV Life Sciences has announced that it has largely fulfilled the demand for lipids used in the production of Amphotericin B, the drug used to treat mucormycosis infections (Black Fungus). The nanotechnology-based biopharma company has already delivered lipids sufficient to produce about three lakh vials of different types of Amphotericin B formulations. The lipid ingredients have been supplied to various pharma manufacturers that are making the mucormycosis drug. VAV expects to triple the quantity by December 2021.

Speaking of the development, Arun Kedia, MD, VAV Life Sciences said, “We are scaling up in stages, our manufacturing facilities on an emergency basis, to meet the immediate demand for this crucial ingredient. We are happy to report that we could meet the existing demand while still having adequate production in the pipeline.”

The company is confident that these supplies will considerably ease the distressing situation and help the government in managing the mucormycosis crisis.

VAV Life Sciences is the only Indian company that indigenously produces the highly purified synthetic phospholipids needed for producing nanotechnology-based Amphotericin B formulations. Apart from this VAV also manufactures specialised lipids that are used in mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines and is in active discussions with upcoming Indian producers of such vaccines.


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