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Signet organises joint-technical seminar in collaboration with IFF and Meggle

The seminars were held in Mumbai and Hyderabad

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Signet, along with its partners IFF and Meggle, organised technical seminars on 22nd and 24th November, 2022, in Mumbai and Hyderabad, respectively. The seminars served to be interactive platforms for technical discussion among 10 speakers and more than 200 attendees across the pharma industry.

Speakers from Meggle included Dr Sonja Bauhuber, Application Manager, who elaborated on the concept of continuous manufacturing and its benefit. She also briefed on deformation behaviour of various excipients that largely impact tablet characteristics. Pawan Zade, Regional Manager – South Asia and Prasad Gunjal, Technical Application Manager, explained advantages of lactose as an excipient in wet granulation and direct compression process and highlighted on selection of right grade of lactose based on formulation process.

Speakers from IFF included Dr Rina Chokshi, Global Commercial Marketing Director, who explained how operational excellence at IFF has helped in manufacturing of superior quality Avicel and Ac-Di-Sol grades with utmost consistency. Paula Garcia Todd, Global Applications, Development and Innovation Leader, IFF, and Vinay Muley, R&D Leader, Pharma Solutions, IFF India, apprised on current updates on nitrosamines.

Dr Tejas Gunjikar, South Asia, Pharma Application and Innovation Leader, IFF India, and Dr Sangamesh Torne, Application Development and Innovation Manager, IFF India, shared their insight on use of alginates as a release modifier for sustained release application.

Dr Heeshma Shah, Director – Technical Services, Signet Excipients, spoke on efficacy of Avicel SMCC in resolving critical formulation concerns like tablet compressibility, content uniformity and improvement of hardness.

With a positive feedback received from participants, the sessions proved to be a successful medium for knowledge exchange.

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