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SCHOTT trains more than 3,000 professionals at its FIOLAX Academy


The modular training programme has been designed in six parts where experts share the latest industry information on the use of glass in pharma ampoule, vial, cartridge and syringe manufacturing

SCHOTT has reached the landmark of training more than 3,000 professionals at its FIOLAX Academy. Started in 2010, FIOLAX Academy events share the latest information on the composition, properties and production of high quality pharma glass.

Participants have come from within specialist companies that are converting glass tubes to primary glass packaging, and from pharma businesses. The academy takes its name from SCHOTT FIOLAX glass tubing, which has grown to become the gold standard ‘raw material’ for glass containers in the pharma industry. SCHOTT hosts FIOLAX Academy events in many of the world’s leading and emerging pharma markets. Since 2010, there have been more than 150 FIOLAX Academies in countries throughout the world, from Europe and the US to South and Central America, India, Japan, and China. There have been 15 such events with 530 participants in India.

Through its academy in India, SCHOTT Glass continues to offer opportunities to leading pharmaceutical companies to learn more about the benefits of using primary pharma packaging made of high quality glass.

“SCHOTT India is dedicated to maintain highest quality standards in glass tubing for primary packaging and to overall promote best practices in the pharmacy sector. With such encouraging participation in these specialised programmes, we are further motivated to conduct more of such events,” said Sundeep Prabhu, Vice President- Sales and Marketing, SCHOTT Glass India.

Dr Bettine Boltres, Product Manager Pharmaceutical Tubing and responsible for this training programme, explains, “At SCHOTT we are thrilled to have already trained so many people in the FIOLAX Academy. We are continually expanding the programme to offer a complete training experience, covering topics such as drug-container interactions, regulatory requirements and glass quality. Through these training events we help our partners to improve quality and to increase efficiency and in turn advance their position in both their domestic and international markets.”

The FIOLAX Academy modular training programme has been designed in six parts. SCHOTT experts share the latest industry information on the use of glass in pharmaceutical ampoule, vial, cartridge and syringe manufacturing. Specialist insight is also provided for drug makers and contract fillers about the handling of glass during the filling processes to help decrease the risk of breakages.

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