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Pharma firms initiate steps to curb black marketing of remedisivir

Measures include constant monitoring of the drug’s usage and ensuring its uninterrupted supply by working in collaboration with healthcare practitioners and regulators

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Pharma firms involved in the manufacturing and marketing of remedisivir in the country inform that they will be monitoring its supply in the market and have already initiated stringent procedures to fulfil this purpose.

A senior official from Hetero informed that over the last two or three days, the company has come across reports about black marketing of remdesivir and has already initiated a stringent mechanism to prevent unethical marketing practices related to the product. He said, “We have asked the hospitals to furnish the data of utilised vials on patients and we will update those details on the company’s website as well as submit them to the DCGI office. Besides, we have also written a letter to hospitals to ensure that such practices do not take place in the future.”

He continued, “From next week onwards there will strong supply of our product ‘Covifor’ in the market, but this time we are taking extra measures. The product will be delivered to those hospitals who have submitted details of the previous lot’s consumption along with patients’ details.”

“Till the time we get control on the situation, the company is also planning not to give/supply ‘Covifor’ to those hospitals who do not have dedicated intensive care unit (ICU) beds in the hospitals,” he added.

He also feels that enough supply of remdesivir in the market can minimise such practices to a certain extent. He seemed to be confident that with ‘Covifor’s strong supply in the market as well as the launch of Cipla’s ‘Cipremi’ and Mylan Laboratories’ ‘DESREM’, it will be possible to meet the demand and overcome short supply of the medicine.

Commenting on the measures Mylan Laboratories will be taking to prevent unethical marketing practices and guarantee an uninterrupted supply