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Panel Discussion: Inclusive pharma packaging design: Need of the hour

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The last panel discussion of PPL Conclave 2022 was on a very pertinent topic, “Inclusive pharma packaging design: Need of the hour.” The experts on this panel discussion were Ajay Bapat, Packaging Consultant (Moderator); Shivaji Chakraborty, AGM, Fresenius Kabi Oncology; Chandiprasad Ravipati, GM Packaging, Aurobindo Pharma; Munindra Roy, Functional Lead-AGM Packaging Development, Gland Pharma; and Rajshri Pardeshi, Manager – Packaging Development, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

In the course of the hour-long discussion, the panelists highlighted why and how the future of packaging hinges on inclusivity. They shared their insights on different facets of inclusive packaging such as how it influences medication non-adherence, factors to be considered while designing inclusive packaging, and packaging approaches to improve functionality and aid patient adherence. Emphasising that pharma products should be made with due consideration to the culture, diversity and needs of the population in different markets, the experts shared a few examples of inclusive packaging design and their benefits. They also discussed how inclusive packaging needs to be flexible to suit individual preferences as well. The panelists also touched upon the advancements in drug delivery, growing phenomenon of drug/device combinations and its impact on packaging, etc.

Thus, the discussion threw light on some interesting aspects such as aiding patient-adherence with packaging, making communication more effective, intuitive packaging design to eliminate complexities in drug delivery, designing to serve the needs of a few but benefit many etc.

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