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NATCO ventures into Pheromone based tech for Integrated Pest Management

NATCO ventures into pheromone-based tech for integrated pest management

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Natco Pharma is pleased to announce its foray into pheromone-based mating disruption technology for integrated pest management (IPM) solution to farmers in India. Natco through its Crop Health Science (CHS) division is working with ATGC Biotech (ATGC) for the technology. ATGC is a company concentrating on developing new biosafe molecules and tools to protect diverse crops from insect pests, in collaboration with US-based agricultural biotech company ISCA.

During Kharif 2021, Natco plans to launch its first Green Label Pheromone product for effective management of Pink Bollworm (PBW) in cotton crop, under its brand NATMATE PBW. This pheromone-based indigenously manufactured product for mating disruption has received approval from Central Insecticide Board (CIB).


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