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Mankind Pharma launches 120 DMF quality drugs for Indian patients

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The Drug Master File (DMF) has all the information on an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient/Raw material for medicine)

Mankind Pharma has introduced 120 DMF (Drug Master File) Quality Medicines in the Indian market. This initiative aims to ensure universal access to medicines of international calibre.

India stands as a global leader in offering generic medicines that adhere to the stringent DMF quality standards set for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). DMF quality API in the Indian market is manufactured in a USFDA-approved plant. Thus, the final medicine is always one of the best quality with better efficacy.

The medicines in the USA comply with stringent USFDA’s norms for quality, safety and effectiveness; defined by DMF (Drug Master File). The Drug Master File (DMF) has all the information on an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient/Raw material for medicine). It provides all the information on the manufacturing, stability, quality, packaging, purity and impurity profile for authorities to ensure that medicines have the best quality and efficacy. DMF quality API is purer than normal API because it follows US pharmacopeia and is manufactured in USFDA-approved plants for medicines that are of best quality and efficacy.

Rajeev Juneja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mankind Pharma says, ” Introducing over 120 DMF Quality Medicines reflects Mankind Pharma’s unwavering commitment to delivering healthcare solutions of exceptional quality. At Mankind, we believe that every Indian, irrespective of their economic background, has the right to get medicines of International quality. As we launch this comprehensive range, we aim to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility, ensuring that every individual in India can access medicines that are of the highest USFDA approved standards. This initiative resonates with our motto of ‘Serving Life,’ and underscores our dedication to enriching lives through accessible and reliable healthcare”



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