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Logistics providers gear up to ensure smooth supply of COVID-19 vaccines

It is assumed that most of India’s vaccine exports will be to Africa, Latin America and Asian countries

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Logistics providers are gearing up to provide the required infrastructure to maintain vaccine integrity. The logistics industry is preparing not only for India’s requirements but also for global vaccine shipments.

It is reported that manufacturers of vials, syringes and other required material suppliers of COVID -19 vaccines are also ramping up their capabilities. However, to ensure continuity of vaccine supply till the last mile, there is a dire need for a robust supply chain system. Therefore, logistic providers are enhancing their capabilities and making arrangements for an unbroken cold chain system required for the shipping of the vaccines. 

According to an industry observer, Hyderabad is going to play an integral role in accelerating the supply of COVID vaccines as several pharma companies have an active presence in that geography and are equipped with robust manufacturing technology and capacity to manufacture millions of doses as per the best in class industry practices.

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